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Here we research Search as it relates to the Permanent Wiki and the permanent web. My name is David Bovill, and here you can see all David's Recent Activity.

Here is our: * Chat room - https://appear.in/fedwiki appear.in * Matrix chat channel vector.im

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Drop any web page on the transporter below to bring content into the federation with appropriate accreditation.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/imagine

# Emphasis You may want to look at the currently open:. * Question * Issue * Suggestion * Topic * Task * Note

# People Here we list our writers and researchers on FEAST. If you are interested in becoming part of the team we run regular training courses on Journalism with a particular focus on Decentralised Research.

FEAST Researchers REFERENCES wiki.feast.fm/feast-researchers

# Related Sites

The Search Transport searches for useful things in and related to the federation. This is work in progress.

The scrape runs every six hours on a schedule that shifts with daylight savings time. The scrape is built from scripts that manipulates files in directories. Some files are rolled up from similarly named files in subdirectories.

These are projects we've actually started coding. Sometimes they turn out to have dependencies we hadn't anticipated which makes them linger on.

On this site we temporarily import bookmarks for later search and integration into Fedwiki.

Here we look at our latest thinking of hosting strategy for Thought Garden Projects.

The aim is to create a decentralised media archive for Fedwiki. This project relates to the Permanent Wiki project and the aim to create a new Microservice Wiki Server.